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Which Finger Should Couple Sets Ring be worn?

Social conventions, lifestyle habits and fashion, customs... are all factors that force one to adopt a particular finger when wearing a woman's ring. Some even interpret the meaning behind the finger choice. Wearing a ring with your middle finger, thumb or little finger, your the index finger, or the ring finger would say an awful lot about your personality.

Rings for the ring fingers

If there is a finger that is perfect for wearing rings, it is the finger that is a ring. Its name is a direct reference to the ring. From now on you can put any ring of your choice on this finger, either to the left or right.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are also worn on the ring finger for many centuries. In France and other countries, these jewels wedding symbols are worn on the left ring fingers. When the wedding has been celebrated the engagement ring can be changed to the right ring.

If you are not married, it is advisable to wear rings on your right hand so as not to mislead those around you. This could be a way to avoid being approached.

Signet rings and other rings for the small finger

The little finger is the most difficult to decorate with rings. The little finger on the left hand is where the signet rings can be found. These rings were used to seal official documents in the Middle Ages. This hand position was the most convenient for easily applying the wax seal. Even today, both women are drawn to this hand when wearing the signet rings.

This small finger can be decorated with other jewellery. Pick thin and well-adjusted rings.

Jewelry for the index finger

This finger is often used in daily life. This is the reason why you need to be careful when choosing the jewelry for your index finger. An accident quickly occurred. You should choose simple, complete, and smooth jewelry. Avoid rings that contain precious stones or other ornaments. The aim is to ensure that your ring isn't damaged in your daily routine. You should not let external elements catch your jewelry, which could cause injury.

Rings for the middle finger

It is the longest finger on the hand and typically, it is also the thinnest. It can be a good choice for rings. However, think about the meaning behind an elevated middle finger prior to selecting your jewelry. This finger is still very noticeable. It can be decorated with almost any ring, from the most extravagant to the simplest. We usually consider the middle finger to be the most distinctive finger Choose an ring that reflects your style and your personality.

A thumb ring

The thumb is also utilized in our daily lives. Also, make sure you choose jewellery that doesn't have any roughness or hooking points, especially if you do manual and physical exercises throughout the day. The size of the ring will also be vital, with this hand is stronger than others. Wider or less wide rushes are recommended for adorning the thumb either on the right side or the left.

How can you measure the size of a Ring for Women?

The ring is one of the most beautiful gifts one can give or receive. It is a symbol of love that binds two people. Once you've decided on the ring, it's important to know the ring's size. A ring for women that is too tight could cause injury, while a ring too large can fall off the finger. To know the ring size you should choose, the sole measure you must know is the size of your finger. Here are some guidelines for measuring the size of women's rings.

Ring sizes for women

The ring size is the sum of the finger joint and the size of the ring. If we measure the circumference of the area where the ring is to be placed and the circumference at the joint is 5.1cm The average size is 5cm. This number is multiplied by 10 to determine the size of the ring. In this example the size of the woman's ring is 50. This size corresponds with a ring that has a 2.5 cm circumference.

How do you measure the size of a ring?

There are a variety of ways to finding the right ring size. Below you will find different methods to determine the size of the ring. To ensure a certain result, you can try various methods.

Measuring a ring's diameter with the help of a ruler

If you already have a ring adapted to the size of your finger, you will be able to determine its diameter to determine what size is best for you. Once the ring has been placed on a level, flat surface using a ruler, determine the diameter of the ring. Then, report the ring's size using the table below.

This method is easy and affordable. It is not the most precise method. Don't be afraid to measure the garment multiple times to find the right size.


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