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Our basic Shotokan classes meet on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Our young children’s Ninjas and Shoto Kids classes meet on Sundays and Tuesdays,
or Mondays and Thurdays.


Seek Perfection of Character

hitotsu, jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto


Be Faithful

hitotsu, makoto no michi o mamoru koto


Endeavor to Excel

hitotsu, doryōku no seishin o yashinau koto


Respect Others

hitotsu, reigi o omonzuru koto


Refrain from Violent Behavior

hitotsu, kekki no yū o imashimuru koto



The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.” —Master Gichin Funakoshi, the Father of Karate-Do



Bruce Costa, Chief Instructor

For well over four decades, Sensei Costa has studied Shotokan Karate and other disciplines with many of the world's most respected instructors. He is a passionate teacher, successful entrepreneur, professional speaker, published writer, student of mindfulness meditation, and the father of three grown, professional, socially engaged children. Mr. Costa has taught at MIT, Princeton Adult School, and scores of public, private, and parochial schools. He is the author of Welcome To Karate: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Beginner’s Mind, which has received praise from high ranking instructors on six continents, and is given free with our Introductory Offer for Shotokan. You can read more about Sensei Costa, and download free chapters of his book, at

The instructors at Granite Forest Dojo were invited by Sensei Costa not only for their knowledge of Shotokan Karate and their personal skill as black belts, but also because of their excellence outside the dojo. Each one of them is a talented professional, a superb parent, and a generous community member. 


Barbara Conroy
Senior Instructor
Business Manager
Lead Children's Instructor

The happy voice you'll hear when calling us belongs to Sensei Barbara Conroy. She is known by her colleagues for her precise, refined techniques and by her students (of all ages) for fun, welcoming, and informative classes. Sensei Barbara is ranked Yondan (fourth degree black belt), owns a hair salon, and is the mother of two adult, professional daughters.


Joseph Quinn
Senior Instructor
Technical Director

Sensei Joe Quinn travels weekly to other dojos and tournaments to practice, gain insights, and discover new teaching concepts. Ranked 4th degree black belt, he is also a painter, designer, and user experience director. "I’ve come to realize how closely martial arts and visual art are tied together. Each day I strive for my karate and my artwork to be better than the day before." Like Mr. Quinn, his two grown children received their Black Belts at Granite Forest Dojo.


James Viscusi, Jr
Chief Medical Officer

Sensei Jim Viscusi offers elements of psychology and biomechanics in his physically demanding classes. He holds four-decade careers as an IT team leader for Oracle and an emergency rescue officer and SWAT medic among other vital volunteer posts. With Sensei Costa, Mr. Viscusi rode in the 4-man team that raised $120,000 for pediatric tumor research in the "World's Toughest Bicycle Race," RAAM. He is happily married with two successful adult children.


Wade Greim
Lead Facility Advisor

Sensei Wade Greim's intense passion for karate is as big as the laughs he produces in the dojo. His teaching style is all about empowerment and confidence-building. Mr. Greim has been a professional musician and electronic and audio technician for over four decades. He was lead foreman throughout the construction of our beautiful dojo, and is father to three extraordinary young men.


Terence Farrell
Black Belt Project Lead

Sensei Terry Farrell is a career U.S. Naval officer and a manager for a multinational Sustainable Habitat firm. He is a devoted husband, father, and jokester. Lt. Cmdr. Farrell  administrates the innovative Granite Forest Dojo Black Belt Project program, providing mentorship in this mandatory program for all Shotokan Black Belt candidates.


Chad Wenhold

Sensei Chad Wenhold balances high technical skill with a knack for creating good rapport with young students. “According to my wife, it is because I am still a kid at heart,” he said. Happily married for decades, the Wenholds have two thoughtful children, Gillian and Evan. Both of them are advanced students at Granite Forest Dojo.


George McKnight
Chief Technical Officer

Sensei George McKnight is VP for Product Development for the successful software startup he helped found, and owns LizardTee, the innovative screen printing and embroidery company that creates all of Granite Forest Dojo's high-quality apparel. Mr. McKnight has made many contributions to our dojo family, including this website. He lives in the home his Grandfather was born in, and is the devoted father of Megan and Kodak. One's a high-achieving young woman, the other is a dog.


Shawn Aupperlee Instructor

Both Sensei Shawn Aupperlee's speed and caring nature are second to none in Granite Forest Dojo. He has trained in multiple styles of karate spanning over fifteen years, earning his black belt in each discipline. In Shotokan, Sensei Aupperlee holds the rank of Shodan. He is happily married with a young, enthusiastic son who hugs all of us even more than Mr. Aupperlee does.


Tom Heckler

Sensei Tom Heckler routinely takes it upon himself to work with all of our members, especially our younger students of advanced rank, making sure their skills are up to par in his specialized Sunday advanced kata class. He is the father of two karate-practicing boys and a happy husband of a wonderful wife. Mr. Heckler is a property manager by trade but karate practitioner and avid golfer by passion. 


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