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  • Can I keep my rank?
    That depends. Please complete our Contact Us form and request an appointment with our Chief Instructor, Sensei Costa.
  • I’ve trained in martial arts before!
    Great! Everyone is welcome.
  • Seriously, I’m flexible like a 2x4.
    You'll definitely become more limber, stronger, and less injury-prone as you learn to stretch your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Don't worry, you're fine to begin just as you are.
  • What if I/my child has never done karate before? What if I’m not flexible? What if I'm not in shape?
    That’s all about to change! Feel welcome. We'll give you extra attention on your first training, and help you all along the way as you advance.
  • How old must you be to do karate ?
    We teach 3-year-olds, Senior Citizens, and every age in between.
  • I'm still worried about the physical requirements for karate. Shouldn’t I wait to get fit first?
    You're welcome as you are. Of course we'll ask you see a doctor if you have special conditions or concerns. But we specialize in encouraging you to discover the best version of yourself, and giving you tools to do so. Everyone is welcome.
  • How much does it cost?
    For most students, roughly $17.50 per class, paid monthly. Karate gets cheaper on a per-class basis as students advance through our curricula. Ask for details.
  • What do present and former students say about Granite Forest Dojo?
    See our live and unedited Google reviews below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Reviews

These are but a few of the many five-star reviews in our Google listing!

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