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Bruce Costa is the author of Welcome To Karate: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Beginners Mind, published by YMAA. This book for beginning karate students is meant to make the challenging practice inviting to newcomers. It has received written praise from dozens of the author’s mentors, and includes a foreword by Grand Master Teruyuki Okazaki himself, under whom Costa has trained since 1980. 

The founder of Granite Forest Dojo, Costa is a passionate teacher, successful entrepreneur, professional speaker, and student of mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh, with whom he has studied since 2007. Costa has worked in, presented to, and consulted for various manufacturing, publishing, distribution, and retail industries throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has authored over 250 magazine column installments, feature articles, interviews, and book reviews for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals. He has taught to groups large and small, from graduate students at MIT’s Sloan School to three-year-olds at private preschools.

In honor of one of his young students, Bruce Costa served on the board of the Christopher Court Foundation, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for brain tumor research. A former firefighter and EMT, he continues to live in the boulder-strewn Pennsylvania forest where his children were raised. All three of them are Shotokan Black Belts, graduates of elite universities, successful professionals, and happy.

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