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Three-Way Handicap Betting - Expert Tips from Wintips Masters

Understanding Three-Way Handicap Betting - Getting Acquainted with Basic Terminology

Explanation of the concept: What is three-way handicap betting in football?

In fact, the concept of three-way handicap betting arises from the fusion of Asian Handicap and European handicap (1×2) betting. In other words, three-way handicap betting is a variation between the two most popular betting methods in the football betting scene at the current time.

With this type of bet, we still have the familiar handicap factor - also known as the "handicap score". However, in this type of bet, there will always be three betting options, including the upper side, the draw, and the lower side. It is because of the presence of the draw option that the handicap score will only take integer values (e.g., 1 goal, 2 goals, 3 goals, etc.).

With three betting options offering attractive rewards similar to those in Asian handicap betting, it's not difficult to understand why three-way betting has quickly gained popularity among bettors. It is predicted to become one of the dominant forms of football betting in the future.

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The basic operation of three-way handicap betting in practice

Based on the definition, we can somewhat envision how this type of three-way handicap betting operates. Specifically, bookmakers will organize three-way handicap betting as follows:

One of the two teams will be considered stronger, and the stronger side must give the opponent a certain number of goals as a handicap.

Let's denote A as the value calculated by the formula: the number of goals scored by the stronger side - the number of goals scored by the weaker side - the handicap score.

If A is greater than 0, the upper side has won the match and receives the full amount of the bet for this match.

In the case where the value A < 0, it means the weaker team has won the match and will receive the full amount of the reward.

The most special situation occurs when the value of A = 0, meaning the two teams have drawn the match. Players need to bet correctly on the draw to win the bet, otherwise, they will lose the entire initial stake to the bookmaker.

Calculation of tip win in three-way handicap betting

Similar to many other betting methods, the calculation formula for three-way handicap betting is very simple:

Players who win the bet will receive the total profit calculated by the following formula: total = stake + stake x betting odds (betting odds depend on different moments of the match).

In case of losing the bet, you will lose the entire amount of stake placed with the bookmaker.

This betting calculation method is not applied to cases of refunded bets or void bets.

Let's take an illustrative example to help readers better understand the calculation method:

Suppose we have a match between Team A and Team B with a three-way handicap bet, where Team A gives Team B a 1-goal handicap.

The odds for the upper team are 1.02, and you believe the upper team will win and bet 100,000 VND on them.

The final result is that Team A has defeated Team B with a total score of 2-0. So, you win the entire bet and receive the total amount as follows: 100,000 + 100,000 x 1.02 = 202,000 VND.

Assessing the Pros and Cons of Three-Way Handicap Betting You Should Know

If objectively evaluated, three-way handicap betting is currently the most comprehensive betting method. With 3 betting options, you naturally have a basic winning rate of 33.33% - a very high figure in today's betting world.

Along with the handicap factor, this type of three-way bet also offers extremely attractive rewards that even experts have to acknowledge. Players who appreciate freshness surely wouldn't want to miss out on this excellent opportunity to increase their income.

The rare weakness of this betting method is perhaps the requirement for prior experience in betting. You need to have the ability to analyze, assess, and accurately predict match results; otherwise, achieving the expected effectiveness will be challenging.

Expert Tips for Winning Three-Way Handicap Bets from Wintips Masters

With the sharing above, surely bettors have gained a deeper understanding of this three-way handicap betting discipline. To complete the article comprehensively, let's explore some invaluable tips from experts at Wintips:

  • Analyzing and full time home win prediction match outcomes before betting is a necessary step if you want to win.

  • Avoid participating in bets with excessively high odds, as these often pose traps with very low chances of winning.

  • You can seek advice and strategies from experts to apply in your betting process.

  • Pay attention to managing the amount of capital you invest in betting, and avoid going all-in regardless of the situation.


And that's what Wintips wants to convey to readers about three-way handicap betting. Wishing all players to reap many rewards when betting, encounter lots of luck, and achieve big wins soon. Read more: Top 10 best soccer prediction app in the world of 2024


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